Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Trying to find an escape pod is more difficult than one would think.  Holly and I have been realizing a dream over the last three years.  To simplify our lives, go tiny, and spend more time together (we truly are better when we are together).

We know we have a passion for Airstream trailers and were pretty sure that they would be our escape pod of choice.  What we did not realize is how hard that decision was going to prove to be.

New (2000-present)                      Late Model (1980-1999)                            Vintage (1950-1979)

Our search included each of the three categories listed above.  We visited an Airstream dealership in Tampa and spent a lot of time going through new trailers.  At the end of the day, we were jaw-dropping amazed at the modern, overwhelmed at the cost and in sticker shock ($$$$$), so we just let our dream go for a couple of months and let it percolate.  We kept the brochures visible but went on with our lives.  Then one day, it became clear that new has never really worked for us, so we decided to focus on Late Model.  We traveled to Alabama to look at a trailer, but it was clear it had had a hard life, and we were not impressed with the materials used inside.  This led us to look at other manufactures of travel trailers, but this was not being true to ourselves.  So we began to meet everyday after work to talk and to comb through the Airstream Classified website, eBay and Craig’s List.  We looked at hundreds of trailers; we contacted several to ask questions; we slowly began to devise a criteria to narrow our search.  We traveled to several Airstreams for sale in South Carolina and Georgia.  We read everything we could find on the Internet; we listened to The Vintage Airstream Podcast; we talked, and we prayed.  Slowly over several weeks, a clear picture of what we wanted was beginning  to come together.

Now could we find a trailer that meet all of our criteria………..  We will save that for the next post…………



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