And then there was one

Because we still work, we had to limit our search to states we could safely travel to in a weekend.  The Airstream Forum has members that are willing and able to check out trailer for buyers to save them from traveling a great distance for a trailer that the owner may have misrepresented in an ad.  This is a great service, and we recommend it to anyone not familiar with Airstreams.  To have someone that can look at a trailer objectively and to point out issues early is very valuable.  We felt we had enough experience and decided to rely on our own judgement.  We did post several questions to the Airstream Forum to get feedback on several different trailers we saw.

Our first finalist was a local, less than 30 miles from our home. It was older than our age criteria and came with a long scratch that we knew would be expensive to fix, but it was very near our house.  The individual that listed the trailer turned out to be a great person, and we are now working together to help each other get our projects done.

The second finalist was a trailer located on the coast of SC.  It was the right age, at a terrific price, but was on the smaller side of our range.  We were also concerned about how the salt air may affect the condition of the frame.

The third finalist was a trailer located at the very edge of our comfortable weekend driving distance from our home.  It was at our max length but was an all original camper that was meticulously maintained by the owner.  It  had the elusive center bath option.  The concern we had with this option was the asking price was close to our max all-in budget, leaving us little resources to put in upgrades or improvement that were important to us.

We made arrangements to visit the second finalist after deciding that the scratch was a-no go item for me.  We now had another criteria to consider: exterior skin condition.  In preparing to work out the logistics of traveling to see the third finalist, we realized we needed to purchase a hitch system to safely tow the trailer home if we decided to purchase it.  We decided to visit our favorite RV place to see if they had a used hitch or figure out what a new system might work for us.  As we pulled into the parking lot, Holly noticed an Airstream Argosy in the back lot; it looked like it met all the criteria, but we assumed it was in for repairs and not for sale.  

As we talked with the people at the RV place, we found out the Argosy had been just taken in as a trade-in for a new RV.  We asked to look at the Argosy, and we really liked what we saw.  We had made plans to travel to the coast of SC to see the second finalist, and the Argosy would not be “available” until the deal was finalized with the family that traded in the Argosy.

To be clear, we had begun to realize that we really liked the Argosy trailers.  The Argosy trailers are lightweight, have many of the same features as a traditional Airstream, and we had seen examples of Argosy’s with amazing paint jobs.  The fact that the Argosy is not a shiny aluminum trailer was not as important to us as making sure we found the right trailer for us.

At the end of the weekend, we knew that the Argosy we stumbled across at the RV place  was the right trailer for us.  

We are now the proud owners of a 1975 Argosy 28 foot trailer!!!!!!!  Next week we will talk about figuring out a plan, timeline, and how we are going to make this trailer our perfect “escape pod.”

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