About Us

Nick -Renaissance Man

  • “Jack of all trades…”
  • Dreamer
  • Historic Preservationist
  • Craftsman

Holly – Southern Charm

  • Experienced Decorator
  • Fabric Artist
  • Gifted Furniture Painter
  • Master Educator

Barley Hound’s Vision Statement
“Life is too short for Ordinary.”

Three people that have the most influenced my (Nick’s) life

  1. Jesus Christ – as a follower of Jesus, I work hard to live my life as a example to others by carefully living by Jesus’s model.
  2. Arthur Seiler – my maternal grandfather (Opa), he was a larger than life character. He owned a hardware store and could build anything. He once saw a boat on a lake in Texas that he liked. He picked up a twig and began measuring the boat. He built an exact replica in two weeks and sailed that boat for years. I like to think his craftsman skills run through my veins.
  3. Lawrence Wylie – my father. He was not a handyman, but he let his son attempt to fix anything that broke around the house, figuring I could not do any harm. Because of his trust, I learned how to problem solve and think outside the box. You could say, I have been a handyman since I was ten years old.

I would not be the man I am with out the love and support of my family.

There comes a time in one’s life when you have to take that leap of faith.  Holly and I are ready to start our escape plan from the rat race.  From this day forward we move towards a new vision of life on the road with more time for each other, for the ones we love, and to have time to follow our dreams and passions.